Finding the Best Powder Blush...

Having a Powder Blush has been a valued tradition for years in most woman's makeup train cases. That is because its the best makeup for oily skin and it also provides a well polished look. It looks really good on the apples of the cheeks.

Lets spice it up a little with a few makeup tips and some sexy make up products that will keep you looking natural, fresh, and alive!

Step 1- Make sure you are working with a clean skin.

Step 2- Apply your Concealer and Foundation Make up and blend throughly.

Step 3- Place your blush brush into the powder blush and make sure to tap off any excess, or it will end up everywhere BUT your cheeks.

Step 3- Start at the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards towards your temples. Blend away any visible lines between your foundation makeup and the blush.

Just remember to follow your own facial structure, and use it as a guide.

Tip: To boost blush's staying power, or give a little more depth to your cheek color, try dusting a bit of powder blush over a cream blush base

Brushing a little blush on different areas - lids, brow bone, nose, chin, and forehead - is a quick way to add a little radiance to the face.

Matching lipstick to blush creates a more pulled together and prettier appearance. Invest in a quality blush brush.

Nars Blush-

Yes, I love Nars Makeup! And that is not one of my beauty secrets. I think every girl needs a NARS blush in her make-up stash, the formula blends very well with mineral makeup, and I like the shimmer it has...The make-up formula Nars uses is luminous and leaves your skin looking very natural.

Clinique Powder Blush, Blushing Blush-
Clinique makeup always does a superb job of making products that don't irritate and agitate the skin.

This Blusher goes on smooth, and your appearance is very natural and fresh by the time you finish, its included in the Clinique gentle light makeup products.

It comes in ten different make-up shades, so take your time and weed out the colors that fit your make up style.

I will cover makeup like this in more detail and give you more beauty tips and beauty secrets as we go. So hang in there, I know its a lot of info to take in but trust me it will be more than worth it...

Last but not least there is MAC Blush. I like this blush because of it vast array of colors, and shades. This one can be worn by anyone!

Everyone knows if you have Mac makeup, you have the best makeup and you don't have to be a Macpro to know this. When applying Mac makeup you may notice this blush has been finely jet milled, and it goes on so smooth, and soft. You can usually find it at Macys for a discount makeup price. When you put it on with a blush brush, it bumps your look up to the next level of AWESOMENESS!!

Sorry I got a little to excited...It is a truly a must have.

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