Simple yet Charming Makeup Tips you can't live without...

Speaking of Makeup Tips...I can remember being a 10th grader in High School (I WILL NOT tell my age but it was a while ago) when I thought I was the HOTTEST thing that hit the campus with my Black Lip liner, and Clear Lip gloss. I had shaved off my Eyebrows and had redrawn them on with a Black Eyeliner, and wore 5 to 6 layers of Mascara...Take a moment and imagine that sinister spectacle!

Looking back in retrospect I had the confidence to do it, but not the common sense to realize I looked like a clown and a vampire at the same time.

I wish I had someone who could have given me sound makeup advise, and shown me the error of my ways! Ladies don't be a VAMP-CLOWN like I was...

Making the best of your natural beauty isn't hard, any woman can do it from Teenagers to Grandmothers. It is simply put, a skill that can be learned by anyone! You will soon see in this website that you will be able to apply all the cosmetic tips and techniques I will be giving you with full confidence!

Have peace of mind in knowing that you can change and reinvent your looks at anytime, and feel overwhelmingly confident because YOU did it on your own!

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My hope is that the following Beauty Tips will help millions of women with their make up techniques. I will help you see the importance of taking an interest in your own creative look, is self expression, an can be quite empowering!

Beauty Tips...

I have an a lot of Makeup Tips, but the most important one is for you to maximize your SKIN.

In my years of experience, women do not take enough interest or time with this step. Make a SERIOUS effort to improve the overall look of the skin by trying various cosmetic products, in combination with the following Beauty Tips I will provide, you CAN achieve this specific goal!

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