Bring on the Meow, with an Eye Defining Liquid Eyeliner...

A Liquid Eyeliner can turn your normal Makeup routine into WOW! I tend to use it when I want to play up my eye make-up and other features. Once you learn how to use it, your eyes have never looked more beautiful.

A very wise person once told me 'if it ain't broke, why fix it.' The Ancient Egyptians women (and yes, some men) used liners to bring a distinguishing allure to there eyes and makeup, to this day we still use it to add that same sensuousness.

The Best Liquid Eye Liners on the Market...

You are going on a HOT date and you are trying to put on your liquid eye liner, but your hands are shaking so bad the line is crooked....

That problem has now been solved!

Urban Decay Liquid Linericon


Finally a liner that is precise, and long-wearing. This product will give a flawless line, without having to repeat strokes multiple times.

I have had trouble in the past finding a liquid liner that is easily applied and still looks good. The fine point of the brush makes it possible to achieve almost any look you could want, and the liquid distributes evenly on the brush. It only comes in twelve different colors and is a must in your makeup case arsenal.

Next on the list is...Lancome Artliner - No. 01 Noir 1.4ml/0.05oz This product works well because it doesn't skip, like most Liquid Liners, the foam tip makes it easy to control. It comes in a variety of different makeup colors including: Action (green), Blueberry (blue), brown, Ice Black (a pretty pearl shade), Ice Carob (a deep brown pearl shade), Dior (black), and Smoke (off-black). The colors are really pretty and they show off there vibrancy for the duration of you having it on.

There is a great product on the market right now that will help your liner to stay put all day, and night. Bare Escentuals Shadow Weather Everything Liner Sealer, goes on over your Eyeliner to make it waterproof. It doesn't contain a great deal of crazy chemicals and it works great for people who live in rainy climates. This sealer does tend to make your liquid eyeliner darker, so try to use it with darker colors.

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