Let your Lipstick create the Atmosphere...

Your Lipstick can make your lips the most sensual feature, on your face. They help us to communicate, love, and demonstrate our personalities outwardly.

Lip Stick applies color and texture to the lipsicon. There are many different varieties, they come in Matte, Sheer Moisturizing, creme, and lip stain.

You can really play with color when it comes to the lips, a great lip stick tip is for you to get out there and try them on.

That will be the best way for you to see what shades work well with your skin color, and completion.

My preference is a Lip Stain, they stay on longer and give you more of a vibrant color! I found one that is semi-permanent, Organic, and all Natural. Its made by Lip Ink International® by Rose Nichols, and it is endorsed by Peta and also Vegan and Kosher products. This Lip Stain is sure to please, you will not be disappointed.

Some Great Tips...

Here are a few Tips to help you make a choice:

If your skin is darker you have more flexibility: Reds (my favorite), plums, chocolates, pastels and oranges all work with your skin. (The Darker the skin tone, the darker the shade color you can wear.)

Medium skin with gold undertones, you can wear all shades of red! Sheer berry or spicy brown will also look great, also mauve that is brown based.

If you have pale skin, beige tones are calling your name, also nude shades, corals and light pinks.

Tip: You can also do Red, but it is going to be dramatic, and show stopping! Be prepared for your sensual side...

The most important thing is for you to be comfortable with whatever you choose. Step outside of your box, and try something new!

How to Apply Lipstick...

Make sure your lips are moisturized with a Lip Balmicon.

Tip: I like to use a unused toothbrush to lightly scrub the lips to remove any dead skin. This will give you a great base for the lip makeup. The smoother your lips, the more perfect your lip stick will look.

Always make sure to apply a thin layer of concealer, or foundation to the lips. This will provide the perfect base for the color, and maximize its staying power.

Then apply a little moisturizer on your lips. It will not only soften your lips but also help the lip stick slide on easily.

Apply a Lip Linericon...

A lip liner will prevent a lipstick from bleeding (or spreading beyond the lip). It should not be more than one shade darker than the Lipstick that you are planning to use.

Tip: If using a lip pencil chill it in the fridge, or freezer to make sharpening easier.

You should relax your mouth in such a way that it opens slightly. Stretch your lips and starting at the center of top or bottom, glide color to corners.

Tip: I like to use a Lip Brushicon when applying a lipstick, it tends to give me more control. It also allows me to shape the mouth accurately.

With a Lip Brush apply, starting from the center of each lip and gradually working outwards to fill in the Lipstick on your lips. Start with the right side of the lips, upper lip first.

Lip Color should be inside the lip liner, not outside the liner.

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