How to use a Lip Brush...

Using a Lip Brush is a must for accurately shaping the mouth. Primarily its used to define the lip line, and gives more control when applying a lipstick or lip gloss and adds color in a deliberate precise way.

One method of using this brush is to place a small amount of color on the bottom lip in the center and to blend towards the outer corners until the entire lip is covered, repeat with the upper lip.

Another way of using this type of brush is by applying a lip liner the the outer edges of the lips, and then using the brush to blend the lip liner inwards towards the center of the lips. Follow this step by filling in the lips with a lipstick or lip gloss, or both to intensify the effect.

If done correctly it will help your lips to have a well defined line without being looking harsh.

Here Are Some Product Reviews...

cupid's bow lip shaping set - lip liner

One end of the double-ended pencil, the bow maker, accents & highlights the curve of your cupid's bow. The other end, the pout shaper, is for precision shaping to give you the perfect pucker. Comes with dual-ended brush & sponge for defining and blending.

Clinique Lip Brush

Clinique Lip Brush

The professional way to shape and fill in lips. Retractable brush distributes color evenly. Handle provides optimum control.

Ideal for precise definition and coverage. Clinique's unique antibacterial technology helps ensure a high level of hygiene.

Shu Uemura Lip Brush - Kolinsky Brush 7F -

Shu Uemura Lip Brush - Kolinsky Brush 7F -

Made of pure kolinsky hair Bristles are soft smooth & firm. Delivers precise gradations and layering of color, its flexible bristles help define lip lines and help with shading large areas. Provides perfect application of cream liquid lip makeup, and gives incredible professional makeup result...

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