Liberate your Appearence by Lightening your Brows...

Lightening your eyebrows is an effective way to open up your face, and give a softer look to your makeup.

But you must keep in mind to use caution. While bleaching it's easy to cause serious damage to your eyes and vision, but bleaching eyebrows can be done safely if you follow the facial hair bleach products instructions.

The skin on your face is sensitive to chemicals. Overusing facial hair bleach can seriously damage the hairs causing breakage and brittleness.

A Facial Hair Bleach that is really effective Sally Hansen Fast and Gentle Creme Hair Bleach For Face

I really like this product because it is consistent! It contains a conditioner that helps to protect the skin, and it doesn't cause a lot of irritation afterwards. (Once you rinse with plain water)

Make sure you follow the detailed instructions the package provides and do a test run with just a couple of hairs to see the color change, and your hairs reaction to the bleach.

Tip: After you finish the bleaching process, try a little hair conditioner on the brow to replace its suppleness.

You may also want to try a tinted brow gel if you desire to lighten the brows, without bleaching them, or if you bleached the brow and it turned out a little lighter than you wanted.

Anastasia The Eyebrow Queen

Whether you call her the Eyebrow Queen, the Brow Guru, or (my favorite) the Star Plucker, one thing is certain—brow guru Anastasia Soare has single handedly made perfect brows a must-have accessory. Long before professional eyebrow shaping became an essential beauty ritual, Anastasia was the go-to brow specialist for A-list celebrities.

With a flair for drawing and a degree in technical design, Anastasia's signature brow technique is based on individual bone structure and face shape.

Her product line Anastasia Beverly Hillsicon , allows budding brow experts to bring Soare's expert eye home.

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