Great Foundation Makeup can work wonders. Blemishes will be a thing of the past.

Having a great makeup look isn't hard. Choosing Foundation Makeup colors that fit with your completion, cover blemishes and acne is right at your finger tips!

The makeup trends now days gives us so many options, there are different types of face makeup you can try...

Makeup Primer- This prepares the skin for the Concealer, and Foundation to give it a Moisturized base.

Tinted Moisturizer- They give your skin a dewy glow, without the heavy makeup buildup.

Powder Foundation- They come in a variety of types including: Loose Powder, Pressed Powder, and Creme to Powder.

Concealer- This one is great for covering Acne Scars, Blemishes, and camouflaging areas as needed. Finding a effective under eye concealer is key to looking like a celebrity.

Liquid Foundation- -Gives you Medium to Heavy coverage to give a finished look.

There are so many choices when it comes to face makeup, explore them all to see which ones work best with your style.

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