False Eyelashes, is how 'Stella got her groove back'...

Warning! With these False Eyelashes instructions in combination with my other makeup tips, you will be so overwhelmingly HOT, other women will loathe you, and the guys will flock to you...

Alright, now that your self-esteem is on cloud nine lets get this party started!

Step 1- Decide what style you want to achieve with the false eyelashes. Maybe you want a Fantasy look, Natural or Celebrity look. A complete set of lashes can add a dramatic element to any makeup style!

A very important beauty tip, when applying false eyelashes is to make sure no oil is on the skin, or the makeup products you used were not oil based. The eyelash adhesive mixed with oil will cause the adhesive to eventually give way.

If you are looking for a more natural look choose a color that is closer to your own natural lashes. If your hair is light colored, for instance blonde, go with a brown shade of falsies. For all other hair shades go either with a dark brown, or a black shade. For a more glamorous celebrity look, go with black.

Tip: Another way to make fake eyelashes appear more natural is to cut into them as if you were trying to remove one hair at a time. Start from the inside corner of the falsies to the outside where you would want to be more sparse with the cutting.

Step 2- Measure the eyelashes according to how long your own lashes are. Don't let them extend past your eyelid on either end. Most will need to be trimmed, improperly measured lashes will lead to discomfort...Believe me!

A lot of my girlfriends have asked why their false eyelashes don't feel comfortable once they have them on. Well....Its kind of like you buying a high-heel shoe in a size 6, and you know that you wear a size 10! I'm sure you get the picture...

Don't cut more than two hairs at once, take your time. This isn't a race! Trimming has to be done before the adhesive stage, and sharp Scissors are a makeup necessity.

Step 3- Now its time to add the glue! If you don't do false eyelashes on a regular basis, I suggest the method of putting the glue on a piece of clean paper and running the lash across the glue. Do this so that the glue is only on the base of the lashes.

If you have a little more experience, hold the lash in one hand, and apply the adhesive on the inside base of the false eyelash with the other hand.

Add a minimal amount and add more if needed.

Tip: Make sure the glue has time to get tacky! If you don't, your lashes will eventually slip right off and glue will be everywhere! (Including, but not limited to your eyelid, eyelashes, and eyeball!)I looooooove Duo Dark Tone which is a fake eyelash adhesive that dries into a dark shade, personally it is the only one I use.

Step 4- While looking in a wall mounted mirror or a good lighted mirror, (this is a must have for every woman) start placing the eyelash as close as possible to your own lash-line.

If you have big hands, and fingers, use flat tip tweezers (another must have item). Once you get them on press and hold little, by little from the inside corner to the outside corner for about 30 seconds or until the glue dries completely.

Step 5- I like to use (a little) mascara on my natural eye lashes underneath, so that it will blend the falsies into my own. Giving one lash line instead of two from a profile angle.

Tip: If you decide to use Individual lashes, the trick is to have them longer and more condensed towards the outside and shorter and less dense towards the inside corner of the eye.

Apply individuals with flat tip tweezers, or a toothpick, but BE CAREFUL!

Perhaps you want to enhance your own Natural Eyelashes,

I have some great tips that will help in that area.

Products You can't go without!

If you like having The Best of The the Best like I do, I have the perfect False Eyelashes for you. I suggest you purchase the Shu Uemura brand of False Eyelashes.

These lashes are so Hot that they have there own SPECIAL spot in my bedroom. I look at them before I go to bed, and when just wake up. They are made out of the finest materials available.

Right now Shu Uemura has teamed up with Viktor & Rolf to create some Limited edition couture pairs of lashes! Some have summed up the lashes by saying they were "fairy tales of love and hope transformed into eyelashes". This would be the ideal assessory for any woman.

Some other Fake eyelashes that I love are the Sephora Brand False Eye Lashes, which are reasonably priced, and can be reused as long as you use due care.

Enhance your own Natural Lashes with these Great Tips!

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