How to Use A Eyeliner Brush

The first step in using a Eyeliner Brush is to dip the brush into your eyeliner, make sure to wipe off any excess eyeliner. Then glide brush along lashline.

Upper Lid-Use short strokes to apply eyeliner from the inner corner to the outer edge of the upper lid. You need to start with a thin line and let the line get a little thicker as you work your way across the lid.

Lower Lid-Slight pressure should be applied to the top of the cheekbone just under the eye. Be careful not to pull down hard on the eye.

Dip the brush in liner and apply it from the inner corner to the outer corner of the lower lid. Always start where the lash begins, run the brush as close to the lash as possible. Blend any harsh lines when you're done.

Where to Find the Best Eye Liner Brush-

I like Benefit Cosmetics get bent brush because of the way it can create different effects.

Ergonomically designed at a 30-degree angle, this synthetic-bristle brush applies cake or cream eyeliner perfectly.

Tilt your head back slightly; close your lid halfway; point the tip directly at your lash line & draw from the inner corner of your eye out.

For sexy, winged-up ""cat-eyes"" flick the brush up slightly at the outer corners.

Bare Escentuals Eyeliner Brush -

Bare Escentuals Eyeliner Brush -

This brush gives a precise clear line with its finely-pointed, Made of quality hair bristles,. It can be used wet or dry for different effects, apply dry for a soft or smoky eye. Apply wet for more vibrant sharp color.

Clinique Eye Liner Brush

Clinique Eye Liner Brush

This small, blunt-angled brush is great for precision eyeliner application. Its firm, tapered edge allows for exact control of line placement, and width.

Ideal for powder or gel liner formulas. Cliniques unique, long-lasting antibacterial technology helps ensure a high level of hygiene.

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