Define your eye with Eyeliner...

Ladies its a known fact, eye makeup is what will draw people in! Eyeliner gives depth and definition to the eye, this small detail is what will make or break your look.

Don't get me wrong, all Makeup is important, but its not all equal. Your Eye Makeup says how you are feeling, either..."I'm feeling Sexy, or I'm very innocent and naive". Whatever you are feeling that day, remember that your eyes tell the story...

Let's keep it real, sometimes I wake up feeling like SHAFT, and I wanna give that "Did you say something? Don't go there" look.

Believe me, I make sure my eyes convey that message, LOUD and CLEAR. At other times I just want to blend into the crowd and have a make-up look that's very natural, a laid back vibe.

It all depends on what type of makeup style you are going for. For me some sexy khol-black liner is all I need to get the party started but Everybody has there own style in mind.

I also like Cake liner. This liner goes on beautifully (I use water to wet the brush); you are easily able to create a clean, crisp line.

Remember there are no set rules to Make-up! Do what makes you feel good, self-confident, and of course beautiful.

Where do I begin?

The first thing I do is choose a type of liner. There are many to choose from, some of the more popular liners are Liquid Eyeliner, which gives a precise, smooth continuous line that stays in place, its easy to use, long wearing and usually won't flake off.

This make-up comes in a great range of shades and if you are doing one or more coats let it dry each time before re-application. TIP-(Never use liquid liner on the inside rim)

I am a huge fan of Waterproof Eyeliner ! It can go on as a fine line or dramatic look if that is what you want your makeup style to be, TIP-(Drawing a line inside the rim of your lower lashline adds sultriness and beauty to your cosmetic look). The best part about this liner is once its on, its on. Great invention...

They come in a zillion different colors, and textures. For a more natural look choose the same color as the mascara you will be using. If done correctly it will give fullness and thickness to your lashes.

General Rules for Applying Liner...

Step 1- To begin, steady your hand, place the inside of your wrist just above the side of your jaw. Close one eye and lift that eyelid gently with your free hand.

Step 2- Apply it as close to the lashes as possible. This way the white line in between the lashes and liner won't show. Connect a series of small soft strokes as you move along the lash line. Keep them closed for a second or two, until the liner is dry this will prevent it from smudging.

Step 3- Repeat Step 2 on your other eye. Check both eyes carefully in a makeup mirror or lighted mirror. Small mistakes and smudges can be erased using a dab of liquid eye makeup remover on a cotton swab.

A fantastic makeup tip for any type, is for you to go over it with a eyeliner sealer, so that it will last longer.

Use the same steps with a Pencil or the Gel Eyeliner. Another way of lining the eye is with a eyeshadow or powder. Use a eyeliner brush or a small angle brush to line the eye, and repeat for a darker, and more pronounced line.

Cake Eyeliner goes on beautifully (I use water to wet the brush); it stays were you put it and doesn't "feather"; you are easily able to create a clean, crisp line. The consistency is substantial enough that you don't have to keep "going over" the liner-line to get the look that you want. It stays on all day (no touch-ups needed), but removes cleanly/easily with eye-makeup remover.

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