Eyebrow Waxing the Right Way...

Eyebrow Waxing...some will cringe at the thought but if done correctly your face will love you!

If possible eyebrow waxing should be done by a Professional, but if you choose to proceed here are some beauty tips.

For starters, I would use a eyebrow brush (or an extra unused toothbrush) to brush the eyebrows into their natural shape.

Apply some type of astringent or numbing agent to the skin, to lessen the pain.

Calculate the length of the eyebrow you want by holding a pencil parallel to your nose, leveling it with the inner corner of the eye to see where the brow should begin and mark the point with a dot using the brow pencil.

Next angle the pencil on your face touching your nostril and the outside corner of your eye. Where ever the pencil rests, on the eyebrow that's where you should place another dot. Proceed from there to mark off with the pencil what areas of hair below the brow, you would like to remove.

Tip: This is just a rough guide, you will need to adjust these instructions to fit according to your facial structure, and style.

You are going to need a professional eyebrow waxing kit that comes with a jar of hot wax, a small spatula and muslin removal strips.

WARM the wax to a reasonable temperature you can handle, (test it first, don't scold yourself) by placing the jar in bowl of hot water.

Use the spatula to apply a thin layer of wax on the stray hairs under the eyebrow.

Go only in the direction the hair grows...remove the hairs using the strips in the opposite direction, before the wax dries..(As directed by the kit).

Eyebrow waxing should never be done above the brow! You will have a terrified look on your face for a month or so, till the hair grows back!!

For thick growth, it is better and less painful to wax off a little hair at the time.

If any stray hairs are still remaining use a set of good tweezers and pluck away...

See, I told you that it would be easy. Nothing to it, YOU can do it....

Which Eyebrow Waxing Kits should I choose?

I do have a couple of suggestions for the best eyebrow waxing, hot wax hair removing kits. One is a kit called Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit with Lavender I prefer this waxing kit because it leaves your skin feeling smooth and hairless for weeks after use. It is very easy to use, has a great smell, and it works great on any other facial hair. (Not to mention, its also organic...)

If you are looking for a kit that includes EVERYTHING, try the Satin Smooth Waxing Starter Kit. Everything in the kit is so convenient; from the pre cut cloth to the 3 different sized sticks and the wax residue remover worked really well for me. The warmer heated the wax in under two hours on the highest level. Not to mention there is enough wax to last years, most definitely worth every penny.

It comes with wax warmer, 14 oz can of honey wax with vitamin E, and 4 oz bottles of skin preparation cleanser, wax residue remover, aloe skin soother, and skin nourisher. Not to mention an accessory pack. Whew!...You get the point.

After Eyebrow Shaping...

If your eyebrows are thin and sparse there are ways to fill them in without looking artificial. I know of some great eyebrow enhancer kits that are absolutely out of this world.

As many of you know Anastasia Soare is the Queen of the brows. She has a line of brow kits that are sold exclusively at Sephora. She gives versatile, well designed products that will amaze you! The one I like that most is her Anastasia All In One 7 Piece Brow Kit, Brunette

It gives you all you need to create a flawless brow, it comes with: Tweezers, Brow Powder, Four Brow Stencils, a Duo Angle/Stooley Brush, Brow Gel, and a Eye Lights Highlighting Pencil.

Keep in mind that she does all the Celebrities' Eyebrows, and she is an expert in this field. You can't ask for anything more...

Tips: Powder can be used to fill in your eyebrows, just use a stiff makeup brush with feathery light strokes. Work from the thickest part of the brow (near the nose), to the outside edge. Always work in the direction that the hair grows.

Keep in mind that you might need to mix a combination of colors to get the shade that you need to match your own.

If you are looking for a soft yet natural look, try using a eyebrow pencil. Remember to use upward, outward strokes. Make sure to set this method with a clear eyebrow gel to ensure that your brow won't rub off.

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