Shape your Brows, with Eyebrow Threading...

Eyebrow Threading can give you the perfect eyebrow shape and create a framework for your face makeup. It can make the eyes appear smaller or larger depending on what make-up style you are looking for. This may be a good option for those of you who love to wear dramatic eye makeup.

It is a fairly quick process so for those of you who have bushy eyebrows, or that have alot of eyebrow hair it only takes minutes to remove.

There are ways to define the eyes and accentuate your natural beauty. Let your face be the guide as to how you should shape your brows.

Threading is an Ancient Middle Eastern method of hair removal that is taking over in popularity in the West. Its done by using a cotton thread that has been twisted, to roll over unwanted hairs and plucking them out at the root.

The great thing about this method is that it can do multiple hairs at a time unlike plucking. You need at least 1/16 inch of hair in order for the thread to wrap around it.

This method is very sanitary because only the thread is touching the skin, and no chemicals are used on the skin.

If you have sensitive skin threading won't cause you as much discomfort as some of the other methods.

Tip: If you dread having your unwanted eyebrow hairs removed like I do, use a numbing agent like Abesol on the area first.

Eyebrow Threading typically cost anywhere from $10-$50 dollars depending on the facility you choose to use in your area.

Since Brow Threading has been gaining popularity check in your area for a Threading Salons that will assist you with your needs.


Do a web search by going on to Google and put in [threading your city, your state ]. You can also try [khite your city, your state ], khite is another name for threading.

Be sure to use the brackets in your search, so it will include the more narrow results of threading in your area, rather than just general information.

A list of threading salons are available through Spa Index, and provides locations throughout the world. Its really simple just clink on your Country, State, and then look for your area.

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