Eye Shadow tips that will leave your girl friends marveling at the new you.

Your eyes are the window to the soul, so give them a superb window treatment with eye shadow.

If done correctly applying color to the eyelids will transform your look into a powerful expression. There are so many different color combination's and textures to choose from!

Cream- This type will give your eyes that passionate, glossy glow. It lends itself to a more natural look, but can still give a sultry appearance.

(This type will settle and crease so make sure to use your finger and smooth and even out the shadow frequently, or you can keep some handy for retouches throughout the day.)

You can apply with your fingers and it is great for the on the go kind of woman.

Powder- This type is for the woman who doesn't have time for retouches, its matte, denser look is dramatic. Its perfect for contouring, shading, and applying with a makeup brush.

Applying Shadow...

Step 1- Before applying try using a translucent powder or a eye shadow primer on the eyelids. By doing this the eyeshadow will not stick to oily spots, creating smears.

Step 2- Use a flat makeup brush to apply the first color to the eyelid below the crease. (I tend to pat the color onto the lid to intensify the effect of the color on the lid.)

Step 3- Apply a darker color on the crease to create a contouring effect. This will define the eye and give it that pop.

Step 4- Use a light color just below the brow bone for the highlight color. Be careful not to use too much, it will make you look like a clown.

Use a makeup brush with a tapered end like a point, this will ensure you get precise color just where you want it below the brow bone.

Tip: When using shimmering shadow don't use to much. It will bring out all your fine lines and wrinkles.

If you use dark, shimmery, or glittery shadows, do your eyes before the rest of your makeup. If not there will be dark shadow particles and mica flecks that will settle under the eyes, and onto your other makeup. If some sift downward use a makeup remover either on a cotton ball or a q-tip to remove it.

Another way of preventing this is by packing translucent powder under the eyes, and brushing it off once you are done applying shadow to the eyes.

Try either method to see what works best for you...

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