Applying a Concealer isn't Hard...

A great concealer can help when dealing with under eye circles, dark spots and patches, or acne problems.

When I was first learning to be a Makeup Artist, my mentor gave me a really great tip that I use to this day.

First apply foundation, why? Because that might be enough to cover the areas you are trying to cover. If the skin still looks uneven then apply more over that area, and set with a pigmented powder.

I tend to use this tip a lot when dealing with clients with hyperpigmened skin.

Products sure to please...

The first product I know you will like is Clinique All About Eyes Concealer - #01 Light Neutral 10ml/0.33oz

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer - #01 Light Neutral 10ml/0.33oz This one was designed to cover major imperfections like scars, hyper pigmentation, major discoloration, burns, and tattoos.

Helps cover under eye dark circles Reduces look of puffiness, Oil free with moisturizing effect. No creasing or forming fine lines and Long wearing.

This light and creamy product contains a high concentration of pigments that stay put, making it perfect for use on the face, as well as the body.

erase paste - light 01

Signs of stress & fatigue are a thing of the past with this innovative formula. Its concentrated, creamy, blendable formula instantly brightens & camouflages all-in-one. The three brightening neutral shades give every gal correction perfection.

I love the Erase Paste because it gives full coverage and at the same time looks very natural. It also helps to brighten darker areas of the skin, it is a great under eye cosmetic.

Use sparingly, or it will start to look caked on. This is a great product to cover acne and blemishes.

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Creamy Concealer, Dream

Super creamy blendable with medium coverage to cover dark circles and blemishes.

It blends easily, covers everything, and it makes your skin glow.

I like to get the product on directly by moving my finger a few strokes in an upward and downward motion.

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