The Best Mascara adds Glamour...

Finding the Best Mascara can save your entire Makeup look! Knowing how to apply a mascara is priceless...

It can be one of the finishing touches to making your makeup look complete.

It will give your eyes that extra sparkle that all women desire.

To begin, figure out what makeup style your looking for, then determine which mascara type will work best for you.

Some ladies might be asking What is the best Mascara for me?

There are so many Mascaras on the market, here are some just to name a few:

- Waterproof Mascara

- Curling Mascara

- Mascara for Sensitive Eyes (Hypoallergenic Mascara)

- Lash Extender Mascara

- Smudge proof Mascara

- Mineral Mascara

- Water based Mascara

- Mascara Colors:

- Auburn Mascara

- Blue Mascara, (Navy Mascara)

- Red Mascara

- Purple Mascara, (Violet Mascara)

- Clear Mascara

- Pink Mascara

- Green Mascara

- Glitter Mascara

- Brown Mascara

- Black Mascara

- Natural Mascara or Organic Mascara

When Shopping for the Best Mascara keep in mind that it shouldn't be over drying or difficult to remove.

Knowing how to apply the best mascara doesn't have to be a headache, here are some mascara tips that will be sure to please.

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How to Apply your Best Mascara the Simple Way...

Step 1- Your first step is to curl your eyelashes. Eyelash Curling will fan out, and lift your eyelashes to make the eye appear larger, and ensuring a fantastic eye makeup look.

Make sure your lashes are clean and free of any makeup before curling.

The Eyelash Curlericon looks like a horror movie utensil, but don't be afraid it will give you results some makeup products won't.

Tip: Try using a makeup mirror so that you don't clamp to close to the eyelid and cause discomfort.

Place the eye lash curler at the base portion of the lash, and look down.

Clamp down on your eyelash curler and hold for about 5-8 seconds. If eye lashes are coarse or really straight, try pumping or walking the eye lash curler from base to tip.

Don't squeeze to tightly or it will give the lash a hard and awkward angle.

You can also try a heated eyelash curler. I really like the Artemis Woman Double Curl Gentle Heat Lash Curler brand sold at Walmart, because it is really gentle on the lashes as it curls them, but isn't harsh.

Use caution and don't leave it on the lashes to long :)

You may also want to try a curling mascara. There are a few on the market that are pretty good.

There is one that I think would work well with most ladies, its ...Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara - Curling Lash Color, Rich Pitch Black. It can do the trick on regular eyelashes or naughty, hard to curl lashes.

It is in the midrange mascara price bracket, but I think you will be pleased with it.

Next time you visit a Makeup Counter try asking for a free mascara sample. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, there is no harm in asking...There is nothing better than free!

Tip: Try a mascara with a acrylic primer (you will thank me later)... A primer has tiny fibers that will attach to your eyelashes, and make them appear longer and thicker once the Mascara is applied.

I use one made by Blinc, its called blinc Lash Primer. It prefer this one because it isn't overpriced, it usually cost around 15 dollars and it gets the job done.

It must be applied before using any eye lash product.

Step 2- Use the mascara wand on the base of the lashes, moving upwards. Use a zig-zag motion to make the lashes appear fuller, and thicker.

Tip: Unless you want clumpy lashes, clean off the mascara wand before you begin with a tissue. This will remove any dried, caked-up mascara, and it won't end up on your face.

If they are clumpy, use a lash comb. Another way to remove clumps is to pinch them off with your fingers.

Step 3- For an added effect try applying mascara to the bottom lashes underneath the eye. It will cause the eye to look wider and larger.

To decrease your chances of smudging the mascara, try using a translucent powder under the eyes before applying. Or you can try placing a tissue under the eye before applying the mascara.

Don't pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube. It's just going to dry out your mascara and cause clumping.

Try twisting the mascara wand inside of the tube to retrieve more product.

Step 4- After applying mascara to the lashes wait just a couple of seconds before blinking. This can make the difference between you looking sexy or like a racoon.

Have fun!

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