Finding the Best Blush to suit your needs...

Finding the Best Blush for you isn't hard at all. They come in so many different types and shades, I suggest you just experiment to find the one that works best for you.

The cool thing is that once you find one, it tends to bring a bloom of youth to your look :)

There are so many on the market, but a great place to find a HUGE variety is Macys. They carry brand name blushes from Christian Doir, Clinque, Channel, Bobbi Brown, and Mac cosmetics just to name a few.

Once you've decided on the brand and color of blushes you would like to use, decide what effect you are looking for, here are some tips on applying makeup.

Cream blush and powder blush can be used all over the face or applied on specific areas of the face. Smooth into the apples of the cheeks, and make sure to blend well so it will not take away form the rest of your make up.

A light application to your forehead and temples will work great, and don't forget the chin it will magically bring the face makeup together.

For a more fascinating look spray a bit of glitter over your makeup, to give excitement to your finish!

Now your ready for your Celebrity Photos!

Powder Blush- Powder blush is a more traditional form of blusher which provides a more polished look, and is the best blush for face contouring, try using it under your cheekbones for highlighting.

Powder blusher creates a soft, more ethereal look. I love to apply this one with a sable-haired Blush Brush.

Also keep in mind that there are so many different colors to choose from, so don't limit your cosmetic style!

I have some suggestions for products that might suite the look you want to achieve. But remember having the best blush product is just a small part this makeup journey.

With lots to learn and plenty to do, it might take awhile before you look like the movie stars, but you are on the right track!

Cream Blush- Cream blush is the best blush to smooth on with your fingertips, or makeup sponge. Most blush in my opinion should be applied over a moisturizer to give an illuminating look.

They are normally easier on sensitive skin, just smooth on a light application to start.

Tip- Cream blushes tend to be easily applied and controlled. This is definitely a bonus feature when you don't want to look like you are wearing Stage

I love cream blushes because they give a more natural skin look, I think they are prefect for wedding makeup and prom makeup.

Cheek Stains and Gels- They tend to set in very quickly on facial skin, and they usually wear all day, unlike most powder blush.

If you have skin that takes on color easily, cheek stain may be the best option for you.

A lot of celebrity style make up artists like to use cheek stains because it lasts such a long time. I like Clinique makeup when it comes to cheek stains, but feel free to try out different brands.

These two types are great for people with porous skin which absorbs color easily.

How do I apply a Blusher...

Choosing your Best Blush shade should be your first step. Use nature as a guide. Try to match your blush to your lip color, or slap your cheek (lightly of course) to see what shade naturally suits you.

If you have fair skin try a rose shade it isn't overbearing or harsh... If you have darker skin try apricot, olive, peach, or even red.

After choosing a color, find what type of makeup formula you are looking for.

If you have combination skin or oily skin try a powder makeup, or if your skin is dry try a cream makeup formula. Liquid and gel blushes are also really good for oily skin.

For a blush to have REAL staying power try combining a cream makeup first and then go over it with powder makeup. It will have your cheeks looking flawless and refreshed.

Tip: If you use a blush brush, make sure to shake off the excess so it won't end up everywhere on your face.

If you decide to use a cheek stain, MOVE FAST!

It dries quickly and wherever you place it that's where its going to stay, so blend, blend, blend. But also use care, you don't want to irritate your precious skin.

Start at the apples of your cheeks (smile to figure out where they are), and blend in a circular motion outward and upward towards the temples.

Translucent Powder can be used to tone down powder blush if you've used to much. To tone down a cream blush use a tissue to even things out, good makeup application is about having balance.

Cheek Gels and Cheek Stains won't come off unless you wash them off.

If needed, wash the face and then apply a good moisturizer to replenish the minerals makeup can take away from your skin, and reapply.

(This time don't go crazy with it)...

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